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Non-woven felt for mulching with long lasting herbicidal effect.

SOLAR FELT is a non-woven felt, UV stabilized to grant excellent fastness to light.

Moreover, thanks to the various deniers, the special arrangement and the color of the fibers, SOLAR FELT grants an excellent coverage, completely preventing light from passing to the ground, hindering the growth of weeds.

SOLAR FELT also guarantees a high draining capacity, avoiding landslides and erosion of the ground, even on sloping surfaces.

These performance are due to the felt's "Double Density": SOLAR FELT presents a higher side ideal for drainage, and a high-density lower side ideal for mulching.

SOLAR FELT's high weight distinguishes it from other geotextiles or geomats by high durability, ie to last longer resisting to aggressive actions of the environment in which it's used.

SOLAR FELT is 100% recyclable and relases no substance in the underground.

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